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MARCH 24 - APRIL 26, 2012

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Adapted by ERIC COBLE | based on the novel by LOIS LOWRY | Directed by BRIAN BELL

"[Lowry's] gripping, futuristic novel for older children has been breathtakingly recreated in Eric Coble’s new play. Brian Bell’s stirring production features a talented cast [and] technical team that work hand-in-hand to create the reality of Lowry’s terrifying fictional world."

"Under Bell’s direction, Coble's gripping adaptation doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to painting Jonas's world as anything short of the totalitarian nightmare of Lowry's book. Adventure Stage Chicago's thoughtful, well executed production raises valuable discussion points about the importance of human emotion, and moreover, the timeless struggle to balance freedom and security." -Time Out Chicago Kids

"Adventure Stage Chicago is thoroughly committed to presenting technically sound and thoughtfully educational adaptations of children’s literature.  [
The Giver] serves as an excellent jumping-off point for kids to ponder the vital importance of emotion and memory. Just make sure they read the book too."

"The ideals of this world continue to linger in my head. The Giver places a memory in my mind not easily forgettable...a provocative world of what if."

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Jonas lives in a carefully constructed community of "sameness," where individuality is discouraged, personal choice is obsolete, and feelings like pain and fear - and love - do not exist. But when Jonas turns 12 and begins training as the new Receiver of Memory, he soon discovers the many contradictions of his own supposedly perfect world. Gently guided by The Giver, who shares bittersweet recollections of a long-forgotten way of life, Jonas grows determined to regain power over his own destiny. Based on the Newbery Medal-winning novel by Lois Lowry, this remarkable story is recommended for ages 9 and up (4th - 8th grades).